MOB Metallic Optical Bench

Metallic optical benches are stamped components that serve as a rigid template for your optical assemblies. They are stamped with tolerances sufficient for single-mode optics with features to hold optical fibers, lenses, filters, other optical elements.They can be made of metals with low coefficients of thermal expansion, tuned to match your packaging requirements. They can include stamped micro mirrors that redirect your light beams, focus (or expand) your light beams or reshape the mode field.

  • Optical assemblies
  • Mux-demux
  • Laser applications
  • Edge coupling
  • Bending and refocusing light

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Large scale production

The MOBs can be produced at a large scale for different applications. CudoForm will offer the engineering services and its superior design capabilities to his customers to adapt and design the right mirror array for their particular needs. We will accompany our customers throughout the entire process until the delivery of the finished goods.