MMC Micro Mirror Connector

Metallic mirror connectors are constructed from stamped metallic optical benches. They include micro mirror arrays for folding-and-focusing light beams between optical fibers and photonic devices. Mirror designs are available for multimode and single-mode applications

  • Vertical coupling
  • Silicon photonics
  • Laser arrays
  • Photodiode arrays
  • Beam expansion

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Vertical coupling for silicon photonics

The MMC is perfect for vertical coupling to silicon photonics that use diffractive grating couplers. Micro mirrors bend and focus light between the chip and optical fibers. MMC is actively aligned to the grating couplers to minimize coupling losses.

Cudoform: MMCLasers

Connecting fibers to laser arrays

MMCs can be used to connect arrays of optical fibers to laser arrays. Optical designs are available for connecting Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) to arrays of optical fibers.

Cudoform: MMCPDs

Connections for receiver arrays

Another design is available for connecting optical fibers to arrays of photodiodes. An aspherical mirror surface reduces the mode field diameter reimages the core of the optical fiber onto the surface of the photodiode array.

Cudoform: MMCEBeam

Beam Expansion

Light from an array of optical fibers can be expanded with a mirror array to increase the mode field and reduce impact of particles and dust on coupling efficiency. Conversely, expanded beams can be focused into optical fibers.