Product Families

CudoForm offers a range of products for applications in optical interconnects and lighting.

The versatile technology, combined with extensive experience in the field of optics, provides practical and innovative solutions with many benefits to customers.


Micro Mirror Connector

The patented Micro Mirror Connector (MMC) couples light between an array of optical fibers and photonic devices, including lasers, detectors, and silicon photonics.

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Product from Cudoform - Micro Mirror Connector


Metallic Optical Bench

The patented Metallic Optical Bench (MOB) is a rugged template for optical assemblies that can incorporate alignment features and stamped micro mirrors to route and shape light beams.

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Product from Cudoform - Metallic Optical Bench


Metallic Optical Reflectors

The patent-pending Metallic Optical Reflector (MOR) uses curved mirror surfaces to concentrate light from LEDs or VCSELs. This provides brighter and more uniform illumination in the UV, visible, and IR bands.

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Product from Cudoform - Micro Optical Reflectors


Metallic Fiber Array

The patent-pending Metallic Fiber Arrays (MFAs) provide a beneficial alternative to quartz fiber arrays. MFAs are solderable and can include optical fiducials for vision-based alignment.

Product from Cudoform - Metallic Fiber Array


Co-Packaged Connector

The patent-pending Co-Packaged Connector provides a detacheable fiber-optic connection for dense edge-coupled silicon photonics that require reflow solder processes.

Product from Cudoform - Co-Packaged Connector


Board Mounted Connector

The patent-pending Board Mounted Connector is a robust fiber-optic connector based on the fold mirrors in the MMC. The connector is rugged and small for mid-board connectors or at the daughtercard-backplane.

Product from Cudoform - Board Mounted Connector